Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue to host your reception is an exciting yet extremely overwhelming prospect. There are endless possibilities on offer for selecting such a location. Whether you want a museum, a ballroom, a garden or a restaurant, picking a venue for your reception that suits the ambiance, theme and formality of your wedding is of prime importance. So if you are faced with the daunting task of choosing a wedding reception venue, here are some tips to follow that will make the job relatively effortless.

• Past brides serve as a treasure trove of information in this regard. If you are acquainted with someone who has recently taken the marriage vows, approach them for suggestions and recommendations. Not only will they be able to offer an experienced insight of the facilities and services at the venue but they will also be in a position to point out the issues that you need to be wary of.

• Reception venues tend to be in high demand during the peak wedding seasons and get booked up at a rapid pace. Ensure that there is enough time for you to conduct a thorough research and book your preferred location prior to the date of the event.

• It is better that you book your wedding reception venue far from a major event. During such busy periods as the Grand Final Weekend, prices tend to go through the roof and this holds true not only for the reception venues but also for the bars, restaurants, hotels and other general attractions. Moreover, there will be a larger crowd for you to deal with and it has been observed that during this period, most of them tend to become unfavorably rowdy.

• Inquire with the reception venue whether they host more than one reception a day. If there is a booking prior to yours, ensure that the management provides you a venue that is spick and span when your turn comes. If your booking precedes another, be absolutely certain that you won’t be rushed out of the location upon conclusion of your booking duration. It is best to clarify at the time of booking as to what happens in case of an overtime and whether you will be required to pay additional charges.

• Keep in mind that a certain amount of time will be required to set the location up for the reception party. More elaborate your decorations, more time it will take to set them up. Allocate your time accordingly so that everything is in place well ahead of time, allowing you some time for relaxation before your guests start to arrive.

• While setting up the venue, ensure that enough room is provided for such miscellaneous events as the first dance and cutting of the cake. When clarifying the capacity of the place, make sure your questions are specific. For example, a room that is large enough to accommodate a hundred guests for a cocktail party may not be suited for a dance event or a sit-down dinner comprising the same number of guests, so it is always advisable that you clarify prior to your booking.

• At some wedding reception venues, extra charges may be levied on such things as linens. So before booking, clarify whether there are any hidden charges you need to be aware of. While such things are unlikely to be revealed directly you can get around to the details by asking numerous questions. It is better that you take all precautionary measures rather than pay thousands of dollars more on your bill.

• Find out about the initial deposit that you need to pay in order to secure a booking at the venue. Also do not forget to look into the cancellation policies. Find out whether your deposit amount will be refunded upon cancellation and if there is any fee involved in the process.

• Dancing is a common activity at most weddings. Clarify with the reception venue whether there are any music or noise level restrictions you need to take into consideration. Also check if the venue has enough electrical outlets for the DJ or musicians to perform.
Last but not the least, ensure that all your points of discussion are put down in writing in the form of a contract. Take some time out to review this contract and only when you feel that all the clauses are satisfactory should you put your signature on the document. This way you can ensure that there are no unfavorable halts and glitches to spoil the fun on the auspicious day of your wedding reception.

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It’s Wedding Season!

As the grooms and brides-to-be start their search for the ideal wedding venue, very often they tend to develop an easy admiration for a place owing to its beauty thus putting their signature on the dotted line of a contract even before they have taken some of the more practical aspects into consideration. This decision, in a way, makes sense as on such a lovely occasion the last thing they would want to do is look back and reminisce on something that would have been more practical and not simply instinctive.

However, it is not often that you come across a place that is so magical that it makes you want to plan all the proceedings of the event around it. When that is not the case, it is best to look for other alternatives, more so if you have not yet decided upon your budget and the number of guests. There is also the need to decide whether you wish to have the wedding and reception at the same venue or an all-in-one location would suit you better.

If you are planning to choose a wedding reception venue, follow these tips!

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